The Art of Enjoying the Rain

Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet.

– Roger Miller

My family rented a cute beach house this week in Ocean City, New Jersey. After spending a few days on the beach, and then a couple more at the boardwalk, today we experienced a small, (relatively normal to the area) flood!

We thought we had escaped the bipolar weather when we left Florida. But, day after day we noticed the pattern (or lack thereof)in the weather. It could start out sunny in the morning, but by the time we made it to the boardwalk it could be raining. Sound familiar, Floridians?

Well, this morning my dad and I were the only ones awake at 6:00, and he wanted his coffee from the local WaWa. So I decided to go with him so we could spend some time together. I grabbed a jacket, because there was a bit of a chill in the air (a jacket in July? not in FL). After we walked the approximate nine blocks over, we went inside a local church just to take a look. Its architecture was gorgeous, and the service was familiar and nice to listen to. We hung out in its lobby while my dad finished his coffee, and it started to rain.

At first it was only a light drizzle, and we waited a bit before leaving the safety of the church’s roof. We thought it might stop completely. But shortly after it began to get a little worse. Then we decided to make a break for it. As we started our walk back to the house, the rain slowly got worse and worse until eventually, the jackets we had on were soaked! I joked that the only thing it was keeping dry were my glasses, as I had the hood over my face.

At one point the flip flops I was wearing slipped on the sidewalk, and I just decided to walk barefoot the rest of the way. Believe it or not, I felt more comfortable without any shoes on.

By the time we reached the house my dad and I were soaked to the bone. We wrung our jackets and left them on the porch “to dry”. I had to change into dry clothes.

About half an hour later, we looked out the front door to the patio and saw that the street we were on was completely flooded! (It still is)

photo 2 

I even saw some people swimming on the end of the street. (Yuck!)

But no matter how scary this experience was/is, I know I am going to remember the fun more. Though the rain keeps falling I know everything is going to be fine, and I am grateful for the memories I have made today.

What kind of fun, interesting memories do you have from playing in, or running from, the rain? 



3 thoughts on “The Art of Enjoying the Rain

  1. Love that you began a blog, sweet lady! And for me? Best time in the rain? Running through it and stomping in puddles with my best girl friends during a sweet summer in high school:-)


  2. playing in the retention canal at my grandmom’s in Sarasota during and after the daily downpour. I need to say it only had water at this time. no gator danger.


  3. My favorite memory of fun times in the rain are of my children (your cousins) trying out their new umbrellas and boots in the rain, splashing in the puddles!


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