I’m a Book Person

Okay, I admit it. I’m one of those people who start a new book even when they’re in the middle of reading about 50 other books. One day I wondered where my favorite bookmark had gone, so I could use it to mark my spot in a fresh book. Then I turned to my bookshelf to see it sticking out of another book. Oops.

I always tell myself that I’ll get around to it, eventually, but eventually never happens.

I’m also the same person who starts writing a new story idea with about 10 more collecting dust on my mind shelf. 

(This also applies to blogging. My drafts number more than my posts.)

See, this is my bookshelf. 

photo 1 (9)

But, so is this.

photo 2 (9)

And then there’s the section of books for school that were read, had their assignments completed, and are now just collecting dust.

photo 3 (7)

(No offense to the teachers who assigned these books, of course.)

It’s kind of sad, to be honest. The amount of books I have. And we still take trips to Barnes & Noble and I always find at least one other book that I’d like to take home with me.

My reading obsession started from a young age, I’m proud to say. I always had a smaller bookshelf that was completely filled with books. As life went on, and I got a bigger bed with the shelf behind it, I kept that filled up with library books. My favorite library will always be the one in Downtown Orlando. I mean, it’s huge! I remember times when I’d go in with a basket or two and leave with them overflowing.

Back then I didn’t have anything in the shelf behind my bed, so when we got home from the library the first thing I would do with the books would be to pour them onto my bed and categorize them by new series, old ones, and which ones I liked the best. Then I would put them, in order, on my shelf. More often than not, the line of books extended from one end of the shelf to the other. 

Of course, they would all be read by the time the three weeks were up.

All these books were fiction. I despised non-fiction books; I would only read them if it was required for class (and I still rarely pick up a non-fiction book on my own).

I still love reading, but I no longer have the time to spend my entire week reading. Something else that has stayed constant is my love for traditional style books. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with preferring to read e-books over paper, but nothing feels better to me than a nice paperback book. Plus it can do this.


Also, nothing smells better to me than a book.

A book has got smell. A new book smells great. An old book smells even better. An old book smells like Ancient Egypt.

– Ray Bradbury

I couldn’t have said it any better myself. There’s something comforting about the smell of a book. If I was richer, I would invest in this Book Perfume. Yeah, that’s a thing.

After I buy a new book, (and before I read it) I usually just stick my nose up to the pages and inhale… but not for too long. I don’t want to seem like a weirdo.

Once I’ve finished a good, emotionally-damaging book, I turn to find a victim friend to suggest this book to. I love the relationships that are formed between two people who have read the same book. Especially when this happens.



Ah, fun times. Once they’ve finished the book, I now have someone that I can rant to, and they’ll understand and rant back!

talk fictional characters


But then there are always those books that you love yet no one else can seem to get into them. So you have to bear the pain and suffering of reading a new book alone.



I’m unfortunately very impatient when it comes to books. That’s why I have so many unfinished ones. If I don’t feel like the plot moves quick enough, or if my attention isn’t completely captured, I’ll put the book down and start a new one. Sometimes I put a book down because I’m afraid of getting sucked into it. You know, the first couple pages are amazing, but you have too many other things going on at the moment so you can’t just sit down and read?

Then occasionally, I find the perfect book, one that completely takes me from my world and my worries. I usually finish it within the day, instead of leaving it lying around for months.

I have a very complicated relationship when it comes to my books, but I love them all the same.


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